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10 Plant Gift Ideas For Raksha Bandhan That Bring Good Luck And Happiness

by Ashish Kumar 22 Aug 2023 0 Comments

The auspicious ceremony of Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner. Celebrating the pure bond between brothers and sisters, many are in a rush to buy gifts for their siblings. You will come across various discounts and buy one get one offers confusing you even more as to which is a better deal for you. Choosing from the numerous options can be tricky and difficult so why not go for a change and add a meaningful touch to your gift. Indoor plants for example can be a really thoughtful and cute gift for your siblings.

Here we have listed a few indoor plants that you can gift this Raksha Bandhan:

1. Lucky Bamboo Plant

If you are looking for some good luck plants to bless your siblings then the Lucky Bamboo plant might just be the one for you. This Feng Shui plant, is believed to bring positive energy to your place. It is popularly believed to balance the five natural elements namely the Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal further promoting a healthy and stable lifestyle. Each stalk denotes a different meaning and the two layered potted plant tied with a red ribbon is the most popular one.

2. Money Plant

Money Plant, our home-friendly climbers, is another one such plant which is believed to bring good fortune and financial prosperity to a person. This effective plant keeps the indoor environment healthy by acting as a great air purifier. Keeping in mind the wishes of Raksha Bandhan, this acts as a great gift as it is strongly believed to bring prosperity in career and life.

3. Tulsi Plant

This name is pretty common and is very often found in Hindu households. Not only is it famous as a sacred plant but also has numerous health benefits. According to the Vastu Shastra, a Tulsi plant has auspicious qualities which promotes positive energy by eliminating negative energy. Moreover, it purifies air by killing bacteria and making the surroundings healthier.

4. Peace Lily Plant

From the name of the plant in itself you can understand that it known to bring peace in a person’s life. Not only this, but with its lush green foliage, it is one of the most appealing indoor plants you will come across. It is strongly believed to balance energies and bring about prosperity in the house it is placed in. The plant also acts as a great air purifier.

5. Snake Plant

A Snake Plant is very popular for its uniquely textured leaves and is also known as a mother-in-law’s tongue. The plant is strongly believed to attract positive energies and bring good luck to the household. It removes various harmful air pollutants, thus, keeping the air fresh but should kept out of reach of children and pets. Therefore, this plant serves as a perfect and suitable gift.

6. Syngonium Plant

Syngonium Plant, popularly known as the Goosefoot plant is another Feng Shui plant that represents five elements of nature – water, fire, earth, wood, and is known for balancing energies at households. Keeping a Syngonium plant reduces stress and acts as an anxiety buster. It is believed that when placed at the sharp corners in the house it spreads positive chi all over. The lush foliage is appealing to the eyes too.

7. Jade Plant

With its small round leaves, a Jade plant is immensely wonderful to look at. This succulent plant is renowned to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity. It is a very low maintenance plant and you will often spot this Feng Shui plants in offices since it is believed to bring financial prosperity. This serves as a perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan.

8. Philodendron Plant

A Philodendron plant can survive even the dark corners and signifies abundance. The heart shaped leaves hold up the fire element and this Feng Shui Plant is believed to attract positive energies and illuminate the lives of the keepers. Apart from these qualities, the plant looks absolutely stunning, adding to the beauty of the place wherever it is kept.

9. Areca Palm

This plant is partially low maintenance as although it requires a good amount of sunlight, it does not require direct sunlight. These plants look amazing as an indoor plant given its beautiful fan-like leaves. Areca Palm is a symbol of peace and is also known as the yellow palm or butterfly palm. The arching fronds are known to uplift the spirits in the room it is placed.

10. Rubber Plant

A rubber plant looks totally adorable and has got extremely glossy leaves. According to the Feng Shui, this plant is strongly believed to bring in positive energies by driving out the negative ones. Also symbolic of bringing success and good fortune.

Hope this list of indoor plants could help you pick the one you want to gift.

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