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7 Benefits Of Using Ceramic Pots For Plants

by Ashish Kumar 25 Aug 2023 0 Comments

If you are a plant enthusiast and currently in splits wondering which pot is best suited for your plants, then worry not we have got you covered. When you visit any plant supply store or gardening stores you will come across numerous pot options made of plastic, glass, metals, etc. But which is a better option? It is quite difficult to make a choice.

You must have noticed in many gardens or in plants and flower shops that they usually use ceramic pots for housing their plants. There are many benefits and advantages attached to ceramic pots when it comes to housing of plants. We have specially curated a list of reasons why ceramic pots are beneficial to your plants.

Below are the benefits of using a ceramic pot for your plant:

1. Saves plants against temperature drops

One of the main pros of using a ceramic container is that they not just pretty but highly functional too. The thick and sturdy walls of the pot protect plants from the sudden ups and downs in temperature like preventing from absorbing excessive heat in a sunny day. They are great for keeping in the moisture and are very durable too.

2. They come in various shapes, patterns and sizes

Although plastic containers are cheap and easily available, they kind of have very less to offer in terms of aesthetic value and decorative purposes. You will easily get ceramic containers in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and textures. Plants look all the more prettier and healthier in ceramic containers.

3. It is a good option for both outdoor and indoor plants

You can easily use ceramic containers for indoor plants as well as outdoor plants. They look great be it either in the bedroom, living room or even the patio, etc. The indoor plants are healthy and fresh in ceramic containers and it protects the outdoor plants from excessive heat or temperature drops. and also protects outdoor plants from heat. In fact, you can use waterproof ceramic planters for outdoor plants during rainy seasons because you don’t have to worry about rust either.

4. Airflow and moisture lock qualities

Most of the ceramic planters that you across at local gardening shops are porous in nature letting air and moisture easily get through the container. You don’t have to worry about this even if the containers are glazed, they still facilitate moisture lock and air flow as necessary. Ceramic pots are better at providing a healthy environment to your plants by locking in fertilizers as well thereby helping in the flow of nutrients from the roots to the other parts of the plant.

5. Durability

The shelf life of ceramic planters are much more than ordinary plastic and metal planters. Ceramic planters are heavy as a result the chances of knocking over a plant reduces to minimal and don’t usually break easily. Some heavy plants cannot be balanced on light weighted pots, it is best to use ceramic planters in such cases. Unlike metal and wooden planters they don’t get damaged in the rain either.

6. Easy to customize

You can customize your ceramic pots as per the requirements and measurements of the plants. Plants like dracaena, areca palms grow up to be bigger in size therefore they require bigger and stable planters, whereas, small succulent plants like jade require smaller pots. You can easily get your pot customized according your needs.

7. They are an eco-friendly option

Ceramic pots are a much eco-friendly option than plastic pots. They are reusable, thus can be used over and over again.

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