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7 Lucky Plants For Home That Give Good Luck And Fortune

by Ashish Kumar 03 Jul 2023 0 Comments

We as humans always seek good luck for ourselves and are loved ones. For all the right reasons? Mostly for all the right reasons. And in order to find that good luck we do a lot of things that are considered more than just stupid. Those things that are mostly connected to ritualistic connotations and demand a lot of your money.

However, there are some low-maintenance and genuinely nice things you can do in order to grab good luck for yourself. How? By installing some gorgeous lucky plants at your house that are believed to bring good luck to you and everyone around.

Here is a curated list of some plants that are believed to bring good luck:

1. Tulsi

In you live in a brown household that this is for sure that you have a Tulsi plant installed at your place. However, if you do not have it then what are you waiting for? Tulsi is one of the most auspicious plant. Apart from being associated with a lot of medicinal values it is also helmed as one of the greates "good luck plants". Make sure you have yourself one if you do not have it already.

2. Money Plant

If the talk is about gorgeous plants that are believed to bring good luck how can we go without mentioning the money plant? Money plant is one of the most low-maintenance plants that are often kept in houses to attract good fortune and push back all kinds of negativity from your lives.

3. Jade Plant

Out of the several plants that brings health, wealth, and prosperity one is none other than Jade. Furthermore, Jade is also gorgeous looking lucky plant that when is installed at your place can modify the look of your house in the best possible manner.

4. Snake Plant

If you are seeking for home decor items then try installing snake plant at your house. It is an indoor plant that is low maintenance as well as an air purifier. Win-Win in every sense? Indeed a win-win in every sense!

5. Bamboo Plant

You would be astounded to note that Bamboo plant is one of those plants that is considered to bring good fortune and good health not just in the Vastu Shastra but also Feng Shui, a chinese pseudoscientific practice. Another plus point is that Bamboo plants in small jars with water and orbeez is also a perfect home decor. So why not go for it?

6. Jasmine

Having a big lawns with gorgeous flowers to yourself is a luxury. However, even if you live in small apartments it does not mean you cannot plant yourself a gorgeous looking flower. One of the best-suited flowers to plant at small apartments in Jasmine. It is said to attract a lot of good luck to its owners.

7. Areca Palm

Areca Palm symbolises regeneration and good luck. Furthermore, this beautiful plant also one of the best interior plants that elevates every house's look. Why to miss out on it then? Install an Areca Palm plant at your house, today! Installing and nurturing a plant is a really good thing to do.

These were the lucky plants that are believed to bring good luck, health, and prosperity in its truest sense. Do have them for yourself.

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