Kaffir Lime Fruit: Fragrant Citrus with Exotic Flavor, Gandharaj Lime: Aromatic Citrus Variety for Culinary Delights,
Kaffir Lime Leaf: Zesty Ingredient in Southeast Asian Cuisine, Gandharaj Lime Citrus: Refreshing Aroma for Culinary Creations, Kaffir Lime Fruit: Tangy Citrus Essential in Thai Cooking, Gandharaj Lime Leaf: Aromatic Addition to Indian Dishes
Kaffir Lime Citrus: Versatile Ingredient for Savory and Sweet Recipes, Gandharaj Lime: Fragrant Citrus Perfect for Beverages and Desserts, Kaffir Lime Leaf: Essential Herb in Thai and Indonesian Cuisine

Kaffir Lime/ Gandharaj Lime

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