Genda Ceramic Pot with Unique Cutting Design, Modern Genda Pottery with Distinctive Cutout Pattern, Contemporary Ceramic Pot with Stylish Cutout Detail, Genda Planter Featuring Artistic Cutting Style, Cutting-Edge Design on Genda Ceramic Plant Pot
Innovative Genda Pot with Precision Cut Patterns, Sculptural Cutwork on Genda Ceramic Pot, Elegant Genda Pottery with Intricate Cutout Design, Genda Ceramic Plant Pot Highlighting Cutting Technique

Genda Ceramic Pot Cutting Style - Striped Pattern

SKU: MP-Ceramic-Genda-Striped-White-Pot-06
Rs. 99.00
Rs. 129.00
Rs. 99.00
Size: 6 Inch
Color: White

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